Dear Customer,
Based on the guidelines for the resumption of economic activities established by the State Regions Conference of 20 May 2021, we inform you that, being obliged to guarantee an area of ​​at least 10 square meters per umbrella, and, unfortunately, having to necessarily decrease the amount of umbrellas on the beach , for bookings that will take place from 7 June 2021 onwards, an umbrella will be guaranteed free of charge that can be placed at the discretion of the Hotel: in the remaining unreserved positions on the beach, in the pool area or in the garden area bordering our beach (distance 3 meters).

There is always the possibility for those who wish, subject to availability, to book a fixed umbrella on the beach for a fee at a cost of 20 Euros per day.

Flip flops, bathing suit... let's hit the beach

Is there anything more enjoyable than going to the beach without the stress of having to take the car and lug heavy bags around?
Put on your bathing suit and flip flops, take a short stroll and find yourself in next-to-no-time on an enchanting beach facing the bay, where you can lie back and take the sun without a care in the world.

A holiday at Hotel Portoconte allows you to make the most of a long stretch of beach – reserved for the use of guests at the hotel – which is fully equipped with sun loungers and parasols and faces out across the clear blue sea.

With Mount Timidone in front of you, and the harbour and bay of Porto Conte off to the side, there’s nothing better than lying back and enjoying the magic of this place as you sip on a drink.

On our private beach, you can find all of the following services, which will make your seaside holiday all the more comfortable and enjoyable:

  • Sun loungers and parasols
  • Hire of beach towels
  • Hire of canoes
  • Jetty for the docking and mooring of guests’ boats
  • Hire of dinghies
  • Diving (on request, for a charge)
  • Baby swimming (on request, for a charge)
  • Water Gym (included in the entertainment)

you can reserve a fixed umbrella and two chairs with a supplement for the duration of stay, it is optional. you can position yourself in the free umbrellas and not booked at no extra charge.